Can psychometric certification add value to my profile?

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I often get calls from people asking me something like this- I find this testing thing very interesting but I do not know if getting a certification can add value to my profile. Can it be really helpful for me? I find this question very difficult to answer, not because I have no idea about it but because it is like asking the vegetable vendor if vegetables are fresh. My usual answer is “If you are not sure, most probably it is not for you” but then it is too simplistic. Therefore, this article is an attempt to look at …

Internal Assessor or External Assessor?

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A question from Mr. Kuldeep Singh (my fellow member on Assessment Center Practitioners group) prompted me to write this post. The question was “if Assessors should be internal or external.” and my instant response was “Well, it depends.” But when I thought about the question again, I was reminded of some recent occasions when my clients either insisted on having internal assessors or categorically refused to have any internal assessor at all. There is a general consensus among practitioners that a combination of the two would work best in most cases but it is like a statistical conclusion – talking …

How to train observers for Assessment Center in less than 8 hrs?

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This post is a sequel to my last post on “3 Things to Focus On for a Successful Assessment Center” in which I promised my friend Yunus (who commented on the article) to write another post on training observers in short time. So, here it is. Running a successful Assessment Center requires rigorous training of observers. Training observers is the second most important task after cross validation of competency model. Reliability and predictive validity of assessment centre activities are very much influenced by the amount of inter-observer variance which is directly proportional to the number of hours put in observers` …


3 Things to Focus On for a Successful Assessment Center

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Assessment Centers are highly effective for leadership roles as they carry high predictive validity. But their effectiveness is not universal – it highly contextual. This post highlights 3 most important things an assessment center facilitator must do in order to ensure high reliability and validity. It is based on author`s own experience of conducting assessment centres in India, Europe and in the Middle East.

Individual development plan

Why IDPs (Individual Development Plans) fail and what you can do about it?

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IDPs (Individual Development Plan) are crucial for any growth oriented person and companies spend a lot in getting their people assessed on the desired competencies and IPDs developed for them. Yet, more often than not, we see them being converted into a useless, ‘nice to have’ kind of document with no practical benefit for the employee or the organisation. This article is for those who are making their IDPs (the employees) or who are helping their people to plan out their development (managers) and I am sharing here what I have seen as differentiating factors between a ‘just-another-IDP’ and ‘really-useful-IDP’. …