How to train observers for Assessment Center in less than 8 hrs?

1. For each activity, create a checklist of behaviours on each competency and share that checklist with observers:  Here I assume that you are playing only those activities which you have played several times in the past and you know exactly what to expect in most cases. Write down the expected behaviours and map them to competencies. Share this sheet at the end of the training. This is going to facilitate the observers to be consistent in their Evaluation (remember ORCE). 2. Take few competencies as examples and explain them …

3 Things to Focus On for a Successful Assessment Center

Assessment Centers are highly effective for leadership roles as they carry high predictive validity. But their effectiveness is not universal – it highly contextual. This post highlights 3 most important things an assessment center facilitator must do in order to ensure high reliability and validity. It is based on author`s own experience of conducting assessment centres in India, Europe and in the Middle East.