Emotional Literacy and Development of Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional literacy is the step#2 of Developing Emotional Intelligence. After getting an awareness into the sensations (their origin and movements), it is important to name different sensations with distinct names so that we can uniquely identify them with ease. This is possible only if one has a rich emotional vocabulary. Most people, generally speaking, use 6 to 18 words in …

Hiring smart in today’s age using psychometrics

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Every striving business has to hire employees to meet the aim of their company and many times using traditional ways of assessment does not provide a complete insight into whether a candidate is fit for the role or not. Psychometric testing is the mapping of many different psychological constructs of a person, i.e. their behavioral and personality traits, that may be …

Item Response Theory

A non-mathematical introduction to IRT (for test users)

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IRT a.k.a Item Response Theory is a buzzword in the domain of Psychometric Testing. There are hundreds of articles written in both – praise and criticism of this theory. Like all other theories, it is not perfect but very useful for certain purposes. So, what exactly is IRT? IRT is a theory of modelling (representing) candidate`s response in a way …

First Time Managers

Grooming the First Time Managers (FTMs) to take up business challenges

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The Background: The client is an HR consultant providing its services to several mid-sized as well as large organizations across India. One of its customers gave an assignment to train first time managers (FTMs) of managerial skills spanning in a year. The Challenge: The client wanted a valid and reliable test that can be used to evaluate Emotional Competecies of professional …

Better Relations

How psychology can help you in developing better relations?

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Our Head of Assessment, Vijai PANDEY conducted a workshop for Liberal Arts students of Jindal Global University on Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO). This workshop helps students get to know some ‘psychological tools’ to understand and manage their relationships in a better way. Here is a link for all of you to download the PPT of the workshop. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MRaM-ReBVVmDUxkvGKW1lIuJxBbdQIfj Please contact Ankita …

Intelligence, creativity and success : Practical insights from research

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In my assignment with the National Centre for Assessment in Higher Education (Govt. of Saudi Arabia), I was working on a project to propose a new design for a creativity test. While working on this project, I read 100s of research articles and some books by creativity experts to understand the latest development in the field and propose something which …