Function Specific Tests

We have created some specialised tests for certain specific functional roles like Sales, Programmer, Accountant, Administrator, Customer Service etc. These tests provide assessment of all relevant characteristics in a single page.

And then, I felt the rough wall of the tunnel shiver. My alarm rang through my earphones. Almost simultaneously, Natasha yelled down to me that there was a warning light on. Momentary but spectacular sights snapped into my view, the snow, the moon,the shower of debris – all of that. The last eight hours before re-entry were particular bone-chilling. During this period, I had to go up in to command module. Even after the fiery re-entry splashing down in 81o water in north pacific, we could still see our frosty breath inside the command module.

The word ‘Command Module’ used twice in the given passage indicates perhaps that it deals with
A. an alarming journey
B. a commanding situation
C. a journey into outer space
D. a frightful battle.

Quick facts about Verbal Reasoning Test

No of questions: 20
Time required: 40 minutes
Question Format: Multiple formats
Mode of Administration: Online (on any device with internet connection and a web browser)

Psychometric Properties:
Reliability coefficient alpha: 0.91
Test Retest reliability: from 0.82 to 0.94 (for different time intervals)
Predictive Validity: from 0.52 to 0.65 (in different validity studies)

Mostly used for: Recruitment of mid to senior roles, hi-potential identification, assessment centers, potential appraisal etc.