Course Description

This psychometric training and certification course is as per the model curriculum prescribed by the NAoP (National Academy of Psychology), EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists Association) and IIBP (Indian Institute of Business Psychology). Currently, there are 2 levels of courses on offer.

Level-1: Understanding and measuring capability (IQ, Aptitude, Knowledge, Competence etc.).
Level-2: Understanding and measuring personality (Interest, Personality Traits, Personality Type, Values, Talents, Behavioral Strengths etc.).

Who should attend

This course is for human resource and training professionals, managers, facilitators, counselors and psychologists interested in learning the proper and scientific use of assessments in occupational settings and being the role model for others.  (See herea sample list of participants who attended this certification course. This will give you an idea if this is for you)
Since 01-May-2020, the course is available in FULLY ONLINE and SEPARATE modules for Level-1 and Level-2. See here

Structure of the course

This is a competency based course aimed at developing competencies required to qualified for IIBP Level-1 and Level-2 in Psychometric Testing. Mastering a subject like Psychometric Testing can not be done in few days of workshop only. Achieving a certificate of competence from IIBP requires display of competence in psychometric testing. That is why we have developed this unique blended learning methodology. Total course duration is 06 weeks (for Level-1 and Level-2 combined) which includes 1 week of pre-workshop online learning, 4 weeks of post workshop online learning and 3 days intensive psychometric training workshop organized either as an in-house company workshop or as a public workshop in major cities, or workshop over online video-conceferencing.

Brief outline of the psychometric training course

Model Program Schedule of 3-day workshop (09.00 am-5.00 pm)

Pre–course: Introductory reading, revision of basic statistical concepts, pre-course assignments.

Day 1:Introduction to testing (Basic theory, scaling, test construction, item analysis, types of tests, properties of tests, selecting tests, standardization, prediction, test administration and scoring and basic statistics). Practical exercises.

Day 2 : Practical ability and Aptitude Testing. Uses of test scores Professional and ethical issues in testing (Test bias, Methods for ensuring test fairness, Confidentiality, equal opportunities) Assessment of underlying knowledge. Personality Theories and Tests Practical’s ( focussing on tests like WPI, personality type, FIRO-B, EQiM).

Day 3: Interpretation and report writing. Decision making using test scores in occupational and organisational settings. Developing and implementing policies and procedures on testing. Post assessment feedback and counselling . Overview of the principles and practice of feedback. Practice sessions.

Follow up: Work based assignments and case-study presentations by participants. The follow-up will be via online learning system.

Follow-up work

The course does not end with workshop. In order to facilitate on-the-job learning of Psychometric Assessments, all the participants are given access to an online learning system. We also give access to an online psychometric test-administrator account where participants of the workshop can administer various psychometric tests on others and practice the appropriate test use. On completion of the workshop, participants are awarded with the “Certificate of Participation” and once they complete the post-workshop assignments and qualify IIBP Level-1 and 2 exams (these are open book exams); they are awarded with the “Certificate of Competence” and their name is included in the "National Register of Qualified Psychometric Test Users".

Course facilitators

The programme is designed by IIBP (Indian Institute of Business Psychology). It is in accordance with the prescribed curriculum of NAOP for such programs. The entire programme with adhere strictly to IIBP guidelines and will be audited by auditors appointed for the purpose. The course curriculum is as per International Standards (ITC, BPS, APA) as is dully accepted by NAOP as the model curriculum. Our programme is guided by accredited IIBP master facilitators.

The facilitators in the previous programs were Prof. Arvind Sinha and Dr. Mariya Jilinskaya

Prof. Arvind Sinha was professor of psychology in IIT, Kanpur and has been President of NAOP.

Dr. Mariya Jilinskaya is Asst. Prof. of Psychology in OP Jindal Global university. Her Ph.D is on 360 degree assessment of leadership.


Dr. Mariya Jilinskaya


Prof. Dr. Arvind Sinha

How to register?

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Offline: please contact us to get the  registration form and send us the filled form with cheque or online payment details. 

Upcoming workshops:

All physical workshops are suspended till end of Dec 2023. A decision on continuing with physical workshops will be taken in first week of Jan 2024.

Registration is ON for FULLY ONLINE workshops.

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