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Psychometric Tests and Online Testing Platform

  • Scientifically validated Psychometric tests to measure ability, personality and competencies.
  • Simple, easy to understand reports with no jargons.
  • Easy to use online psychometric testing interface. Free online training to get started.
  • Wide variety of psychometric tests and behavioural assessments.
  • Possibility to include your own tests along with our tests.
  • REST API access for Easy integration with  other HR Systems.
  • 1 test per 3 minutes

    1 test per 3 minutes

  • More Than 500 Skills Tests

    More Than 500 Skills Tests

  • More Than 80 Competency Tests

    More Than 80 Competency Tests

  • More Than 10 Aptitude Tests

    More Than 10 Aptitude Tests

  • 96 Percent Repeat Orders

    96 Percent Repeat Orders

  • 85 Percent Long Term Clients

    85 Percent Long Term Clients

  • Workplace Personality Inventory for Professionals

    Workplace Personality Inventory for Professionals

    Comprehensive personality assessment tool measuring 20 personality traits related to people management, task management, self management and change management.

  • Three Dimensional Sales Profile (SP-3D)

    Three Dimensional Sales Profile (SP-3D)

    Specially designed for Hiring and Selection of high potential sales persons, this three in one test measured 4 sales related abilities, 10 personality traits and 6 values.

  • Emotional Quotient Inventory for Professionals

    Emotional Quotient Inventory for Professionals

    Provides in depth assessment of Emotional Intelligence and Competence. Measures 14 factors of emotional intelligence and 4 emotional competencies.

  • Personality Type Inventory (PTI-Pro)

    Personality Type Inventory (PTI-Pro)

    Based on type theory of personality, this test measures candidate`s proximity with 16 personality types and provides a detailed description of type at work, type and career etc.

  • Big Five Plus Personality Inventory (BF5+)

    Big Five Plus Personality Inventory (BF5+)

    Measures 6 personality traits based on the HEXACO model of personality which includes a 6th dimension in personality in addition to the 5 well known dimensions.

  • Managerial Style Inventory (MSI)

    Managerial Style Inventory (MSI)

    This test measures people oriented and task oriented style of management and provides unique insight into the managerial style of the candidate.

  • Thinking skills test (TST)

    Thinking skills test (TST)

    This test measures 4 core thinking skills and 2 composite thinking skills. It provides an in depth assessment of thinking skills and it available in multiple forms.

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Talent Identification

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Talent Development

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Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics

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