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Our scientifically validated tests can help you improve hiring by understanding the aptitude, cognitive abilities, personalities and values of your candidates. Start with a free trial of our Psychometric Testing System.

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IIBP Certificate of Competence in Psychometric Testing Level-1 and Level-2

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Twice a year, we offer a Psychometric Certification Course for IIBP Level 2 qualification. Join us to master the science of psychometric testing. See the upcoming courses and workshops.

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Each organisation is different. No one template fits all. We tailor the assessment system to answer your specific requirements. Let’s discuss how psychometric testing can help you.

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We offer more than 800 skill tests, 80 competency tests and dozens of personality tests

Hundreds of organizations in India, Europe and the Middle East have used our scientifically validated psychometric tests. Since then, they’ve started hiring people who are better fits for their teams and have trained them to maximize organizational effectiveness.

If you’re interested in learning more, click below for a no-strings-attached free trial of our online psychometric testing system. The trial gives you access to hundreds of ability tests, which include assessments of aptitude, cognitive ability, skills and competencies. It also offers a look at our behavioral tests, which measure personality traits, behavioral competencies and values.


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