Cognitive ability tests

The Psychometric World has developed more than 20 tests to measure cognitive or mental characteristics, including aptitude, reasoning, thinking and intelligence.

All our tests are accredited by the Indian Institute of Business Psychology. They adhere to international guidelines on testing and assessments as prescribed by the International Test Commission. We use Classical Test Theory (CTT) as well as Item Response Theory (IRT) scoring, depending on the nature and purpose of tests.

In addition to these standardized tests, we can develop custom tests for clients.

Our most popular cognitive ability tests include:

  • Corporate IQ Test (2 alternate forms)
  • Thinking Skills Test (2 alternate forms)
  • Verbal Reasoning Test (3 alternate forms)
  • Numerical Reasoning Test (3 alternate forms)
  • Abstract Reasoning Test (3 alternate forms)
  • Spatial Ability Test (3 alternate forms)
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test (2 alternate forms)
  • Logical Reasoning Test (2 alternate forms)
  • Cognitive Competency Test (2 alternate forms)
We regularly update all our test to meet the following quality standards:
  • Reliability

    Must be a minimum of 0.85 for unidimensional scales and 0.90 for the composite tests.

  • Validity

    We examine 6 types of validity evidences for all our tests. Results are documented in the test manual.

  • Faireness

    We use large and diverse samples to standardize tests and examine tests closely to guard against any undesired differential functioning toward any particular group.

Wish to know how our tests can add value to your work?

Our tests have helped more than 300 companies across the world ranging from small to large. If you are in a business where success depends on the quality of people you have, we can help you to identify and develop the kind of people you need for your purpose. Get in touch with us today to have conversation and explore.

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