What can we use to measure Entrepreneurial ability?

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Entrepreneurship today is booming at a fast pace. As we see nowadays that the trend of traditional 9-5 jobs is being overtaken by more small business ownership and entrepreneurship. With the change in the psychology of professionals becoming more open to creative thinking, opting for flexible working hours, love for freedom, passion, etc., the society is now embracing Entrepreneurship. These …

How companies, colleges, and students are adapting to the changes in recruitment processes during COVID-19

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Due to the unprecedented lockdown because of the global pandemic, a lot of traditional ways of conducting tests and interviews have gone south. Difficulties are being faced in all spheres of the education system with the devastating impact of the pandemic. The students resuming their education in school or colleges have seen a complete shift in the platform used and …

Better Relations

How psychology can help you in developing better relations?

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Our Head of Assessment, Vijai PANDEY conducted a workshop for Liberal Arts students of Jindal Global University on Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO). This workshop helps students get to know some ‘psychological tools’ to understand and manage their relationships in a better way. Here is a link for all of you to download the PPT of the workshop. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MRaM-ReBVVmDUxkvGKW1lIuJxBbdQIfj Please contact Ankita …