How companies, colleges, and students are adapting to the changes in recruitment processes during COVID-19

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Due to the unprecedented lockdown because of the global pandemic, a lot of traditional ways of conducting tests and interviews have gone south. Difficulties are being faced in all spheres of the education system with the devastating impact of the pandemic. The students resuming their education in school or colleges have seen a complete shift in the platform used and the communication being formed. There is something informal about Zoom or Teams calls with your teachers, trying to recreate a classroom environment while you are sitting on your sofa or bed at home. This is why the teachers have started continuous assessments to be able to grade the students. This occurs in the form of weekly essays, assignments, quizzes, and class presentations. The pandemic has caused the entire education system to adapt to the online platform and given rise to different testing facilities, closely knit with psychometrics, in order to evaluate what the individuals have learned.

The admission and HR offices have had to adapt to staying indoors culture but still proceed with their activities. Along with a work from the home outline into the employee’s day to day activities, even the way they are interviewed has been changed with an increase of zoom calls and phone interviews. But it seems like the students have been hit the hardest. Apart from the board exams being shifted indefinitely, their college applications raise cause for concern as well. A lot of colleges have extended their deadlines for applications but since the international policies, the nature of classes, and the end of this epidemic is not clear, they are many that are still left confused about their future plans.

Many colleges both, in India as well as abroad, are changing their application process to have psychometric tests for intelligence and ability before they select participants for interviews. Usually, a few colleges did have this method of taking a test on a computer but within a center where they could be monitored to dissuade any cheating methods. But since it is difficult and unadvised to leave your household, taking a test in a room full of other students seems like a nightmare. To combat this the colleges have been using online testing software that has add-on security abilities, like Protractor Test, Exam Monitor, Talview, etc. that track and records the tabs open on your screen as well as the camera of your device. There is a moderator present online who can flag down your test if they see any suspicious activity.

The whole world is being pushed to acclimatize to these changes which are why smarter solutions are being sought out by every industry, to be able to gauge different aspects of their potential employees. From completely changing admission procedure to adding security endeavors to reduce cheating, the education sector is coping with the technical challenges being thrown at them which is why the changes made in the way the students are tested are being insured, to have an all-inclusive view of the participant’s strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and cognitive schemas.

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