Business Reasoning Test

Business reasoning test is designed to measure applied reasoning ability in 3 distinct areas viz. Verbal, Numerical and Logical. This test is specially designed to measure reasoning (a.k.a applied intelligence) through ‘real life business situations and challenges’ and thus is different from typical ‘academic type’ or ‘student centered’ Intelligence (IQ) tests. The test has high reliability and validity in predicting business outcomes.

This test is used by our clients in mid to senior level hiring. As it uses scenario based questions, it is ideally suited for experienced candidates.

Clients using this test have seen the following benefits:

  • Reduced ‘time-to-hire’ per candidate as 50% less interviews are needed thanks to the shortlisting of high potential candidates through this test.
  • 30 to 50 percent reduction in drop-outs within 6 months of induction.
  • Increased productivity per employee. One of our clients reported that candidates hired using this test have displayed on an average 30% better results than those hired previously.

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