About The Psychometric World

We are a cross-functional, cross-cultural team of industrial psychologists, psychometricians, human resources professionals, trainers and executive coaches. We provide best-in-class testing and training products and services to help corporate clients identify, develop and retain top-tier talent. Also, we offer certification courses to train people to administer tests themselves.

We are a Human Resources-focused unit of Lena Research and Consulting LLP.

The organization

Lena Research and Consulting started as an idea in 2004 and registered as an LLP in 2011.

The Brand


The Psychometric World is a unit of Lena Research and Consulting dedicated to developing and validating high-quality assessment tools for organizations.


We aim to provide world-class psychometric testing services that help our clients build their most effective teams.


Every day, we help our clients optimize their most valuable resource -- their people -- by better understanding their strengths.


A scientific approach to people management, a commitment to corporate innovation and a
customer-first outlook.