Cognitive ability tests / aptitude tests

Cognitive competence test


Cognitive competence test (CCT) measures concrete intelligence on 4 distinct cognitive competencies viz. Inductive Reasoning, Deductive Reasoning, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking. This test measures applied intelligence and therefore is most suitable for working professionals.

Corporate IQ Test

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Corporate IQ Test measures applied intelligence on the lines of 3 major factors – Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning. It provides an overall IQ score as well as scores on the 3 distinct factors of intelligence. The test is based on C-H-C theory of intelligence.

Thinking Skills Test


Thinking Skills Test (TST) measures both, right brain and left brain, thinking skills. It measures 4 core thinking skills namely – Logical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking and Strategic Thinking; and 2 composite thinking skills – Analytical Thinking and Systems thinking.

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Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning Test is generally used to select candidates for jobs that require significant writing, reasoning, presenting arguments in oral or written form, dealing with diplomatic people and with sensitive situations. This test measures the ability to analyse, compare and summarise information presented in verbal medium.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning Test measures the ability to deal with numbers and derive meaningful information from the data and observations presented in numerical form. If you are selecting candidates for Job roles that requires dealing with collect, collating, organising, analysing and interpreting numeric data, you might benefit greatly from this test.

Inductive Reasoning Test


Inductive Reasoning, also known as Logical reasoning is the ability to think logically and identify the general rules or principles from a set of observation. This ability is crucial of theorising, conceptualising and explaining to people. Almost all non-manual jobs need some level of inductive reasoning to be performed well.

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We take a great pride in developing customised assessments and as our tagline says (‘tailor-made assessments’), we would be happy to develop a test for you in the existing tests do not fit into your assessment objective. All you need to do is to let us know your interest and have a preliminary discussion on your objective of assessment. Our expert team will work with you to give you the best test that you need.

About aptitude tests / cognitive ability tests

Aptitude Tests are part of the general category of ‘Cognitive Ability Tests’ which also includes performance tests and criterion based tests. Psychometric Tests are generally classified into 2 categories – Ability Tests and Personality Tests. Ability Tests are further classified into two categories – Aptitude Tests and Achievement Tests. Aptitude Tests are those which measure the ‘Potential’ or ‘Inherent ability’ which is might not be put to use and Achievement Tests used the demonstrated level of an ability.

From a different perspective, Ability Tests can be classified into two categories – Cognitive Ability Tests and Non Cognitive Ability Tests. Cognitive Ability Tests are those which measure core metal faculties related to brain like reasoning, creativity, imagination, problem solving etc. Non cognitive tests are those which measure some kind of achievement which might be based on cognitive functions but certainly goes beyond them like knowledge, skills – both manual and mental.

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