Training and Certifications

We conduct training and certification courses on Psychometric Testing, Competency Mapping & Assessment Centres, Behavioural Interviewing, HR Analytics and HR Surveys. Our courses are designed by the industry experts and adult learning professionals. We adhere to the best practices and standards in course creation and delivery. All our courses offered in India are accredited by IIBP. Courses offered abroad are accredited by the relevant professional accreditation body of the country.

These courses are available as public workshop and/or in-house workshop at client location.

At present, following courses are offered:

Psychometric Certification Level-1 & 2

accredited by IIBP

We are conducting Psychometric Certification Courses since 2011 and have been one of the first in the country to conduct them as per the standards and curriculum prescribed by International professional bodies like BPS, EFPA and ITC. All our psychometric certification courses offered in India are IIBP accredited.

Assessment Center Certification

Assessment and Development Centre Level-1,2,3

accredited by IIBP

Our certification courses in the area of assessment and development centre are at 3 levels-

Level-1: Being a trained and certified assessor/observer
Level-2: Being an assessment centre facilitator
Level-3: Being an assessment centre designer (analytics oriented course)

Like our psychometric certification course, these courses also follow international standards.

Other certifications

Our competency mapping , HR analytics, HR Survey courses are currently offered as ‘in-house’ workshop only. These course are designed and delivered as per the specific needs of the client organisation. If you wish to have any of these courses and want a customised proposal, lets start a discussion.

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