Elevate Your Sales Game: The Power of the SP3D Assessment

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In today’s hyper-competitive market, the strength of your sales force can make or break your business. Whether you’re a startup looking to carve a niche or a legacy company aiming to maintain market dominance, hiring the right salespeople is crucial. Enter the SP3D test: a revolutionary tool that promises to streamline your recruitment process and ensure you bring aboard the best of the best.

“People are the most important thing. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people.”

Steve Jobs
  1. What is the SP3D Test?
    SP3D stands for “Three-Dimensional Sales Profile.” At its core, it’s a test designed to evaluate potential sales candidates on three critical dimensions:
    Ability: Does the candidate possess the cognitive and emotional intelligence needed for the role?
    Personality: Is their personality aligned with the unique demands of sales?
    Values: Will they feel motivated and integrated within your organization’s culture?
  2. Why Should Businesses Consider SP3D?
    Comprehensive Analysis: With assessments spanning four ability areas, ten personality traits, and six values, SP3D offers a holistic view of a candidate. This ensures that businesses get a complete picture before making a hiring decision.
    Flexibility: The SP3D test can be administered right before interviews, offering timely insights. Plus, it’s designed to gauge a candidate’s fit for various sales roles, from retail to institutional sales, ensuring adaptability for businesses of different sectors and sizes.
    Robust Psychometric Properties: The test boasts impressive reliability and validity metrics, ensuring that the insights you glean are both accurate and actionable.
  3. A Tool for All Ages
    Whether you’re a young business eager to establish a foothold or an established player keen on maintaining market share, SP3D is the tool for you. For startups, the test can guide you in building a formidable sales team from scratch.
    For older businesses, it can help in refining your team, ensuring that you continue to stay ahead of the curve.

    In sales, as in life, the right people make all the difference. With SP3D, businesses get an invaluable ally in their quest to find these individuals. So, whether you’re a fledgling enterprise or a stalwart of the industry, it’s time to leverage the power of SP3D and redefine your sales

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