Inductive Reasoning Test

Inductive reasoning test measures the ability to find out the general rules from specific observations and applying them to solve problems and find solutions. Also known as abstract reasoning or logical reasoning, inductive reasoning is one of the two basic reasoning abilities which form the foundation of all thinking and rationality. Inductive reasoning can also be regarded as a substitute for general mental ability and therefore this test can also be used as culture fair intelligence test. 

Inductive Reasoning Test is a very useful screening and selection tool for pre-employment assessment. Our clients use this test to create a pool of qualified candidates to select from and it forms an integral part of their selection process. It brings following benefits when used in volume recruitment, campus hiring or lateral hiring:

  1. Reduced time to hire per position as it reduces the interview to selection ratio.
  2. Lower cost of hiring as the most expensive step in selection process, interview, is reduced by more than half.
  3. Better quality hire which leads to significant savings on training and getting ready-to-work human capital.
  4. Scientifically accurate and legally justifiable selection process.

Tests that go with the Inductive Reasoning Test

This test is being used by hundreds of business organizations in India, Europe and Middle East to identify and select the best talent and we would be happy to help you with your talent acquisition challenges.

The test is available online on subscription basis. One needs to have an online test admin account to be able to invite the candidates to complete this assessment. The candidates do not need to have any account. They, instead get a unique link to read the instructions and complete the test.

It is required that the test user ( the person who is giving feedback on the test result) has a Level-1 qualification in Psychometric Testing in order to be qualified to give feedback on this test.

We provide, interpretation and feedback services for this test. Contact  us to know more about this service.

Other tests used along with inductive reasoning test to evaluate candidates are as the following:

  1. Business Reasoning Test
  2. Numerical Reasoning Test
  3. Verbal Reasoning Test

Using personality tests along with the ability tests gives a more comprehensive picture of the unique strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. Most common personality tests used with this test are:

  1. Big Five Plus Personality Test (BF5+)
  2. Occupational Interest Inventory (OII)
  3. Emotional Quotient Inventory for Professionals (EQiP)

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