We are glad to announce that since May 2020, the Certificate course in Psychometric Testing Level-1 and Level-2 is now fully online.

Keeping in the mind the requirements of working professionals, the course is conducted via Zoom/Google Meet calls split over multiple sessions.

In between 2 sessions, there is supplementary videos and lessons to firm up the learning in the sessions.

For complete details of the history and old format of the course please visit this page.

Level-1 () Testing

Module-1: Types of tests used to measure human characteristics and Science of measuring psychological characteristics

Module-2: Essential concepts and constructs of human abilities (aptitude, intelligence, knowledge, skills, competence)

Module-3: Statistical techniques used in measuring human abilities.

Module-4: Administering and interpreting tests of demonstrated achievement (knowledge, skill, competence) by example.

Module-5: Administering and interpreting tests of potentials (aptitude, intelligence) by example.

Module-6: Decision-making based on test score and by taking test score as one of the inputs (demo via cases)

Level-2: Measuring

Module-1: What is personality and how it is related to performance at work. Measure approaches of approaching and measuring personality.

Module-2: Essential concepts and constructs used in measuring personality (Trait, Preference, Need, Style, Value, Motivation) and their relation to work.

Module-3: Statistical techniques used in measuring Personality.

Module-4: Administering and interpreting tests measuring personality traits.

Module-5: Administering and interpreting tests measuring personality types.

Module-6: Decision-making based on test score and by taking test score as one of the inputs (demo via cases)

One must first have completed Level-1 in order to pursue Level-2

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Here are some of the feedbacks from the previous batches

It was a good experience to be a part of this course. You explained us the concepts in great detail. Will be really useful for someone like me who conducts Assessment and Development Centres at my organization along with other assessments. We will be in touch and I will bother you with certain queries from time to time. Amit Kumar, NTPC Ltd.

The IIBP course has exceeded my expectations. The course covered a wide range of topics. The instructor was able to explain the concepts very clearly and delivered content not usually covered in books. The experience shared by both the instructor and participants was very practical. After the course, I have developed a deeper understanding of how psychometrics can be applied to ability testing.Patrick Chung Yin Leung

It was quite enriching and insightful experience of pursuing Certificate course in Psychometric Testing (IIBP Level-1). All the modules of the course are meticulously planned and executed. Each session was a judicious blend of theory and application including real-life examples and situations. The Course instructor Dr Vijay Pandey delivered the course excellently ensuring engagement and proper understanding of every participant. He has in-depth knowledge of theory and research in the field of Psychometric Testing and mastery over statistical analysis applied in the field. Looking forward to more learnings in future too.Dr Manisha Seth Associate Professor, HR & OB Area, Jaipuria Institute of Management

In one word the session was flawless. With an ease the concepts are explained by you makes it more engaging. Interpersonal skills of the facilitator/ you are excellent.Lakshmi Goswami

The course was very informative and thought-provoking. In the times, where all the organizations are using some or other kind of assessments, it was good to know the fine nuances of what goes behind designing of those assessments and what insights we can draw from them to arrive at people decisions. The group was very collaborative and your passion for the subject made it all even more interesting and relatable. Thanks.Anupriya Mittal

The level 1 course in Psychometric Testing conducted Vijai Pandey offers you and immersive learning experience in the science of psychometrics. The learning method used in the program is unique and outcome based. Right from the preparatory videos, actual sessions and post session knowledge test, each step makes you thorough in the construction, administration and interpretation of ability tests. I personally was immensely benefited in refreshing my basics of psychometrics and getting newer insights into the subject. I recommend this program for all the seekers of knowledge in this domain. Wish all the best for Vijai and team TPW and IIBP.

Thank You
Dr. Vishal Sangal
Co Founder Brainberg

I was looking for a course for 2 objectives. The first was to understand how Psychometric tests work so that I could decide on a good test for the jobseekers on Helper4U.in. The second was to help me move towards becoming a career counsellor. This course gave me a foundation for both.
The sessions were well paced out and inclusive. Instructors were knowledgeable and able to solve all doubts. Practical case studies helped us get hands on experience. Overall a great course.Meenakshi Gupta Jain

This 2 days online Psychometric level 1 course leading to Qualified Psychometric Testing Professional
Certification, primarily focusses on Psychology field of Ability / Intelligence and nuances of measuring such abstract concepts.
The course smoothly transitions from introduction of psychological characteristics like Aptitude, intelligence, knowledge, skill and competence to the indepth understnading of measuring these psychological characteristic, the pedagogy including slides, discussions, case studies, references to scientific papers were well aligned to make a topic like psychometric test easy to comprehend.

Personally this course has broadened my understanding of the science behind measuring psychological characteristics and also given me confidence to discuss these topics at a professional level. With such detailed understanding I am always cognizant of the ability of the Psychometric tests to solve people related challenges in an organization.

Would also like to pay due credit to the Instructor Mr. Vijay Panday for being patient with our queries and steering the discussions to a highly interactive and informative learning experience.
The course content, the pedagogy, the interactive discussions, and application of concepts on day to day people challenges made the learning more fun, from the ease of our home.

Lakshmi Narayan