Business Reasoning Test

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Business reasoning test is designed to measure applied intelligence on 3 distinct factors of intelligence viz. Verbal, Numerical and Logical. This test is specially designed to measure intelligence through ‘real life business situations and challenges’ and thus is different from typical ‘academic type’ or ‘student centered’ IQ tests.

This test is used by our clients in volume recruitment, campus hiring and entry level lateral hiring to shortlist and create a pool of high potential candidates for selection process.

Box-1 weighs 87 kilos. Box-2B is 215 kilos. Box-3 is 111 kilos. The combined weight of any of the 2 boxes can not be more than:

302 Kilos
313 Kilos
326 Kilos
198 Kilos

Q: If the amount spent on computer imports into the United Kingdom in Year 5 was 20% lower than in Year 4, what was spent in Year 5?.

 1080 million
 1120 million
 1160 million
 1220 million
 1300 million

Look at the question image carefully and select the next image from the option images that fits the sequence.
Question Image

Logical Reasoning Test

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Report on Business Reasoning Test

A variety of customized report options are available ranging from a single page snapshot to several pages of detailed description of each factor.

Clients using this test have seen the following benefits:

  1. Reduced ‘time-to-hire’ per candidate as 50% less interviews are needed thanks to the shortlisting of high potential candidates through this test.
  2. 30 to 50 percent reduction in drop-outs within 6 months of induction.
  3. Increased productivity per employee. One of our clients reported that candidates hired using this test have displayed on an average 30% better results than those hired previously.
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