List of Personality Assessments



Workplace Personality Inventory for Professionals (WPI-Pro) measures 20 personality traits categorized into 4 groups viz. people management, task management, self management and change management. This test is used in selection, development, competency mapping and assessment centers by our clients. It is mapped on 82+ workplace competencies and provides an in depth and comprehensive assessment of personality.


Abstract design made of head outlines, lights and abstract design elements on the subject of intelligence,  consciousness, logical thinking, mental processes and brain power

Emotional Quotient Inventory for Professionals (EQiP) measures 14 facets of emotional intelligence and provides an overall EQ score as well as 04 emotional competence scores viz. understanding self, managing self, understanding others and managing relationships. Based on Daniel Goleman`s model of Emotional Intelligence, this test provides an in depth assessment of EI  in a reliable and robust manner.In addition to being used by corporate to select and development their leadership pipeline, this test is also uses by many coaches and consultants in HRD and OD projects.



Big Five Plus Personality Inventory (BF5+) provides a quick and easy assessment of personality of the candidates for non-managerial positions. It is based on HEXACO model of personality which is an extension of the famous Five Factor model known as “Big Five” Model of personality. This test provides assessments on 6 personality factors viz. Honesty-humility, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness. This test is used by our clients primarily for selection at non managerial levels e.g. accountants, receptionists, admin executives, nurses etc.

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Verbal Reasoning

Occupational Interest Inventory (OII) is based on Dr. John Holland`s theory of Occupational Interests and provides a far more comprehensive assessment than many other tests based on the same theory. The test provides assessments on 12 occupational interest areas (instead of 6) to have finer appreciation of variety and diversity of interests present in millennial mindset. To provide compatbility with older career guidance systems (based on 6 factor model) this test also provides derivative assessment of 6 factor model knows as RIASEC where R stands for Realistic, I for Investigative, A for Artistic, S for Social, E for Enterprising and C for Conventional.


Numerical Reasoning

Personality Type Inventory for Professionals (PTI-Pro) is based on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung`s theory of Personality Types. It helps candidates identify and explore their personality types to unlock their potential and be more effective working as team. The test is designed to be used only for developmental purposes (with high level of face validity and very high level of classification consistency). This is the simplest and yet most transformation tool for L&D and OD initiatives in organizations. Our clients use this tool to foster creativity, teamwork and build a culture to appreciate diversity in their organizations. This test is also used by a number of coaches and L&OD consultants to help their clients in the most scientific manner.

Inductive Reasoning Test


Inductive Reasoning, also known as Logical reasoning is the ability to think logically and identify the general rules or principles from a set of observation. This ability is crucial of theorising, conceptualising and explaining to people. Almost all non-manual jobs need some level of inductive reasoning to be performed well.

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Personality Tests

Aptitude Tests are part of the general category of ‘Cognitive Ability Tests’ which also includes performance tests and criterion based tests. Psychometric Tests are generally classified into 2 categories – Ability Tests and Personality Tests. Ability Tests are further classified into two categories – Aptitude Tests and Achievement Tests. Aptitude Tests are those which measure the ‘Potential’ or ‘Inherent ability’ which is might not be put to use and Achievement Tests used the demonstrated level of an ability.

From a different perspective, Ability Tests can be classified into two categories – Cognitive Ability Tests and Non Cognitive Ability Tests. Cognitive Ability Tests are those which measure core metal faculties related to brain like reasoning, creativity, imagination, problem solving etc. Non cognitive tests are those which measure some kind of achievement which might be based on cognitive functions but certainly goes beyond them like knowledge, skills – both manual and mental.

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