Personality Type Inventory For Professionals (PTI-Pro)

Personality Types

Personality Type Inventory (PTI-Pro) is based on Carl Jung`s famous ‘Type Theory of Personality’ proposed through his book ‘Psychological Types’ published in the Gregorian year 1921. Hundreds of tests have since been developed on this theory including MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Golden Personality Type Inventory, Jung Type Indicator etc. Type theory is one of the most popular theories of personality used in business and it provides a very different approach to understand personality and human relations.

PTI-Pro is the latest among all the professionally developed tests and it takes advantage of the several years of research put into measuring and using personality type and work. Unlike other tests, PTI-Pro does not simply provide the most suitable type assessment but also provides a clarity index in terms of percentage (no other type based test provides clarity percentage). In addition to this, it comes with several different types of reports so that the test administrator can download the most suitable report as per the purpose of the assessment. It also has used some innovative methods of measuring personality type which yields greater accuracy and test-retest reliability.

Type Theory Based Personality Tests are not suitable for recruitment and selection as they are semi-ipsative and have high level of face validity.

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PTI-Pro measures 8 personality preferences that combine in different ways to create 16 different types. These 8 personality preferences measured by the test are:

  1. Extraversion (E)
  2. Introversion (I)
  1. Sensing (S)
  2. Intuition (N)
  1. Thinking (T)
  2. Feeling (F)
  1. Judging (J)
  2. Perceiving (P)

Given below is an illustration on how these 8 preferences combine to create 16 personality types:

Personality Type Combinations

PTI-Pro is suitable for one and only one purpose – start a conversation about individual growth and professional development. Personality Types is perhaps the most widely used psychological construct in the area of training and development. The theory behind the test is incredibly complex and yet it is very simple to understand and easy to work on.

Thousands of trainers, coaches, mentors and career guidance professionals and counsellors use personality type approach to help people discover themselves, their career, their relationship and be better at personal and professional front. PTI-Pro is widely used in many development initiatives at our clients.

PTI-Pro is specially developed for working professionals and it is not suitable for students or general public. The test administrator must have Level-2 qualification in occupational testing and assessments in order to be administer test on other individuals and interpret the results. The test is being used by our client organisations, coaches, trainers and consultants to conduct team-building exercises, coaching sessions and professional development workshops.

Lets have a conversation…

Quick facts about PTI-Pro

15-20 minutes

80 questions 

Level-2 qualification in occupational test use

All levels

All job roles

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