Psychometric Certification Participants

Below are testimonials from previous students in our psychometric certification programs, along with a partial list of professionals who have completed these courses.

The Indian Institute of Business Psychology (IIBP) maintains a national register of qualified psychometric testing professionals. Please view the Register of Qualified Test Professionals (RQTP) to verify credentials.

New Delhi: Feedback from Participants

Mumbai: Feedback from Participants

Hyderabad: Feedback from Participants

Ajay Sadhuneni
Director of HR, iGate
Ajit Singh
Senior Manager of HR, Net Magic
Amtul Fatima Khan
Consultant, AADI Resources
Ashish Shekhar
Manager of HR, ISPAT
Dr. Manosi Choudhary
Dr. Mohan V. Uchgonkar
Head of HR, ARA India
Dr. Navin
Assistant Professor, BIMTECH, NOIDA
Reshmi Ghosh
Manager of HR, Barclays Shared Services
Rohit Kashyap
Head of HR, Orient Ceramics
Sakshi Shahpure
Manager of HR, Omkar Corp
Swati B
Manager of HR, Tolani Maritime Institute
Uma Narendran
Executive Coach
V. Natarajan
Vice President of HR, TATA-AIA
Vibhuti Pandya
Vidyadhar Bhonge
Head of HR, WIKA
Vinay Babu
Manager of HR, CalvinKare
Vipul Saxena
Vice President of HR, ISPAT

Col. Jaideep Mishra
Head of HR, Aircel
Col. Karan Dixit
Vice President of HR, ISMT
Devender Gupta
Deputy General Manager of HR, Dabur India
Dr. Manjari Srivastava
Professor, NIMIMS, Mumbai
Executive Coach
Monica Goyal
Senior Manager of HR, R.J. Corp
Nameesh Sharma
Corporate HR Manager, Dabur India
Pankaj Yadav
Head of HR, Baxy Corp
Ravindra B
Director, MindKrafts
Sandy Advani
Director, CareerBee
Sanjil Chandnani
Director of HR, Pacifica Companies
Savita Pisal
Manager of HR, Hire Developments
Sayali Gadkari
Manager of HR, DHL Group
Shilpa Dattar
Sunil Yadav
Swati Agarwal
Professor, JIMS, New Delhi
Yogesh Kumar Upadhyaya
Senior Manager of HR, ARA India