Sales Aptitude Test

Our Sales Aptitude Test (SAT-Pro) measures the aptitude for sales also known as ‘sales mindset’. It helps you to create a pool of potential high performers for selection or training.

SAT-Pro is a powerful test which evaluate sales aptitude of the candidate and helps you determine if the candidate is suitable for sales roles in your organisation.

The test has demonstrated high accuracy in differentiating sales people from non-sales people.

The test presents 20 questions to the candidate. Questions are drawn from a pool of questions which is at least 10 times bigger that the test. Questions are presented one by one. This approach minimises the chances of candidates copying answers from each other as each candidate gets a different set of questions.

SAT-Pro measures a single characteristic, and that is - “to what extent the candidate has an aptitude for sales”.

It gives the results in terms of percentile by comparing the candidate with other sales professionals (>11000) from a variety of sales roles.

A snapshot of the percentile display is presented here. The test is specially designed for mass- recruitment and significantly reduces the hiring cycle as identification and creation of high potential sales people becomes very easy with this test.


Quick facts about SAT-Pro

No of questions: 20 questions

Approximate time required: 10 to 12 minutes
Question Format: Multiple Choice
Mode of Administration: Online (on any device with internet connection and a web browser)

Psychometric Properties:
Reliability coefficient alpha:0.92
Test Retest reliability: 0.88 (15 days interval)
Predictive Validity: from 0.35 to 0.52 (in different validity studies)

Mostly used for: Campus Hiring, Open Hiring, Entry Level Training