Psychometric Tests For Talent Acquisition

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Psychometric Assessments used for hiring and selection of talent are fundamentally different from those used for developmetal purposes like coaching, counselling, behavioural feedback etc. Top 3 factors to differentiate a ‘selection oriented psychometric test’ from a ‘development oriented psychometric test’ are:

1. Selection oriented psychometric tests are normative whereas development oriented psychometric tests need not to be normative.
2. Selection oriented psychometric tests should have low face vality and high predictive validty whereas development oriented tests usually have very high face validity, their predictive validty is not an important factor for developmental purposes.
3. Selection oriented tests are usually long and complex as they need to ensure faireness and equity among all the test takers whereas development oriented psychometric tests have no such obligation.

We, at ThePsychometricWorld, have developed robust and practical psychometric assessment tools that are specially designed for hiring and selection. These tools comply with strict international standards about faireness and equal opportunity. A abbreviated list of our psychometric assessments for development is given here.

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