Identifying Mechanical Engineering Graduates with High Potential

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The Background: The client is a manufacturing concern involved in the manufacturing of sheet metal, tubes and other steel products. It is a process governed organization with high level of concern for quality.

The Challenge: The client used to hire 200-500 engineering graduates every year following a three stage process of selection. It was seen that many a times a candidate turns out to be good at the first round of screening interview but in the subsequent rounds it doesn`t hold upto expectations. The company wanted to have some screening as well as pre-interview tool which can reveal the true level of skills, potential and personality of the candidate so that the company can save its valuable time and interview only those who have high potential.

The Solution: After detailed discussion with TPW consultants, a customized solution was offered to the client. We offered the client a validated test of mechanical aptitude to be used as screening tool and WPI-Pro to be used just before the interview. We also provided the required training to the hiring staff to interpret and take maximum advantage of WPI-Pro.

The Results: After six months of usage, the client performed an analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of the system and tools for its usage and based on the results of this, decided to implement similar system for lateral hiring and senior level hiring, for which EQiP is also being used in addition to WPI-Pro.

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