How to train observers for Assessment Center in less than 8 hrs?

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1. For each activity, create a checklist of behaviours on each competency and share that checklist with observers:

Here I assume that you are playing only those activities which you have played several times in the past and you know exactly what to expect in most cases. Write down the expected behaviours and map them to competencies. Share this sheet at the end of the training. This is going to facilitate the observers to be consistent in their Evaluation (remember ORCE).

2. Take few competencies as examples and explain them in detail:

Rather than covering all the competencies in the training, take few (3 to 4) and provide in-depth training on them. Learning on ORCE skills is relatively easy to transfer on other competencies. It will give greater confidence to the observers and create a sense of ‘understanding’ rather than being overwhelmed with too much information on too many competencies.

3. Focus more on creating the ‘experience’ rather than providing ‘knowledge’ : 

People forget easily what they hear and see but what they experience is difficult to forget. Try to create experiential situations to impart the learning. More discussion, less lecture. Encourage observers to ask questions and do not try to provide your expert answer; rather, encourage fellow observers to share what they think and then share your experience.

These three techniques have helped me personally and I hope you will find them useful. I am curious to know your experience and how you deal with this kind of situation.

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