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The Background: The client is a middle east based company employing more than 6000 people and operating in more than 20 countries. The company was using some aptitude and personality assessments in paper-pencil format for its new recruits and existing employees. Initially it went very well but over a period of time, the administration and record keeping for the questionsniare and storing the test results started becoming problematic. Also, there was a continuous threat on test security.

The Challenge: The client wanted to migrate from paper based tests to online tests but the higher cost of developing a testing system and time invloved in getting a good online testing system developed and tested were major hurdles on the way of a better assessment process. The client wanted a system which has low-cost to setup and provides all the features of a good online assessment system. Some other major challanges faced were as follows:

1. Time required for administering and scoring the test (average of 45 minutes / candidate)
2. Threat on test security: there was always the possibility that scoring key will be leaked and test might become ineffective.
3. Difficulty in doing talent analytics: since the results were in hard copies, to do any kind of analysis they must be manually keyed in the anslysis system. This was a time consuming process.

The Solution: We offered the client to convert their paper-pencil tests into online and provide exel sxport of results as and when needed. Our team worked on converting the papaer based tests in online tests and per the client specifications and the client was able to administer tests online on their candidates without being worried about test scoring and test security. The excel export of results functionality enabled the client to do talent analysis in realtime.

We started with 1 tests and impressed with the success of the project in terms of saving time and money, now the client uses their own as we as our assessments from right inside a single assessment system which is available 24×7, easy to use and secure. Testing, which was a major task once, has become easy and simple activity now. The client reported a reduction of 40 minutes in average test administration time and now could devote more time on employee development activities.

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