Can psychometric certification add value to my profile?

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I often get calls from people asking me something like this-

I find this testing thing very interesting but I do not know if getting a certification can add value to my profile. Can it be really helpful for me?

I find this question very difficult to answer, not because I have no idea about it but because it is like asking the vegetable vendor if vegetables are fresh. My usual answer is “If you are not sure, most probably it is not for you” but then it is too simplistic. Therefore, this article is an attempt to look at the above question and its variants comprehensibly.


Few months ago, I wrote about Certifications – the need and the game in which I talked about what value certifications add and how corporations in behavioural science game the people to sell their senseless certifications. While I do not want to repeat anything I wrote there; based on my recent interaction with prospective participants in upcoming certification programmes, I have put together three simple questions to help you see if Certification can add value to your work or it will be a waste of money.

There is also an FAQ answering 13 most frequently asked question about psychometric certification: 13 most frequently asked questions

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