Controlling attrition through psychometric tests

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The Background: The client was a mid-size telecom and power consulting company with pan Indian operation. The company was going through rapid growth but the growth targets were always hit hard by the attrition –specially attrition in the average to high performing talent pool. There was an urgent need to curb the attrition and hire those who are most likely to stay with the organization. The Challange: The client wanted a valid and reliable tool that can be used to evaluate Integrity of the candidates as well as their likelihood to stay with the organization.

Converting paper pencil tests in online format

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The Background: The client is a middle east based company employing more than 6000 people and operating in more than 20 countries. The company was using some aptitude and personality assessments in paper-pencil format for its new recruits and existing employees. Initially it went very well but over a period of time, the administration and record keeping for the questionsniare and storing the test results started becoming problematic. Also, there was a continuous threat on test security. The Challange: The client wanted to migrate from paper based tests to online tests but the higher cost of developing a testing system and time invloved in getting a good online testing system developed and tested were major hurdles on the way of a better …

Selecting pilots with high integrity and work ethic

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The background : The client is a privately owned airline company operating in domestic airline market. As part of their regular hiring as per their manpower planning, they hire pilots, cabin crews, ground handing and technical staff and it was felt that finding customer service oriented pilots was the most difficult part in the whole recruitment function. The Challange: The need to have pilots who are not only technically competent but also equipped with a sense of service orientation towards their ‘customers’ (both internal and external) was becoming more prominent as complaint regarding the behavior of pilots were increasing. The client approached us to suggest a tool which can identify the level of cutomer service orientation and other important personality variables which …

Grooming the First Time Managers (FTMs) to take up business challanges

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The Background: The client is an HR consultant providing its services to sevaral mid-sized as well as large organizations across India. One of its customers gave an assignment to train first time managers (FTMs) of managerial skills spanning in a year. The Challange: The client wanted a valid and reliable test that can be used to evaluate Emotional Competecies of professional in its client orgnizations. The Solution: After discussion with TPW consultant, the client decided to use EQiP as pre and post assessment tool for its program for FTMs. In addition to that personalized support was offered to the client for the entire duration of the training program.

Identifying Mechanical Engineering Graduates with High Potential

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The Background: The client is a manufacturing concern involved in the manufacturing of sheet metal, tubes and other steel products. It is a process governed organization with high level of concern for quality. The Challange: The client used to hire 200-500 engineering graduates every year following a three stage process of selection. It was seen that many a times a candidate turns out to be good at the first round of screening interview but in the subsequent rounds it doesn`t hold upto expectations. The company wanted to have some screening as well as pre-interview tool which can reveal the true level of skills, potential and personality of the candidate so that the company can save its valuable time and interview only those …

Managing global recruitments from a central location

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The Background: The client is a Multinational FMCG company operating in more than 6 countries and employing more than 20,000 professsionals acroos different geographical location. The company hires an average of 2000-2500 professional every year for its different offices in Asia and Africa. The hiring process was decentralized and the company wanted to bring in centralization in terms of assessment and evaluation. The Challange: The client wanted a screening as well as a pre-interview tool that can be used at two different satges in the selection process. Also there was a need for a system which can administer tests in multiple languages and which can be managed online from a single location.