Psychometric Certification FAQs

The Psychometric Certification Program teaches professionals how to use psychometric tests as part of their work. Our course meet requirements from the Indian Institute of Business Psychology, National Academy of Psychology and the British Psychological Society. During training, participants develop an understanding of what psychometric testing is and how to interpret its results. Courses start online, continue to in-person workshops and then end with more online work.
First, psychometric testing is usually tightly regulated. People and teams using these tests need to prove their competence. Often, regulators require test administrators to obtain certifications like ours.

Second, after certification, your name will be included in the certifying organization’s registry of psychometric testing administrators. That can lead to more work opportunities.

Finally, this course ends with membership in groups of highly qualified psychology and Human Resources professionals. Access to that network can help you continue your learning and professional growth.

We train professionals who work with adults, primarily in the workplace. The tests you will be taught to administer are psychological assessments that measure workplace competencies. As such, the program is most useful for people working in Human Resources, career counseling, executive coaching and professional training.
The program follows a model course curriculum designed by the National Academy of Psychology in India and the European Federation of Psychological Associations. Download the NAOP’s curriculum here and the EFPA’s here.
Our certification program focuses on the design and administration of many psychological tests. We do not promote or prescribe any specific test. Instead, we help students understand how these tests work. We discuss intelligence, aptitude, personality, preferences, values, motivations and other human traits and how they can be assessed. With such a well-developed understanding, you will be able to administer and interpret many psychometric tests.

Some of the tests we discuss include:
– IQ tests
– EQ tests
– Workplace Personality Inventory
– Leadership Styles
– Personality Types

We do not provide questionnaires and scoring keys. Those must be obtained through test designers.

We provide participants with free online access to our professional psychometric assessment tools, which they can use to complete assignments and activities during the course. We also use several practice tests and scoring keys in the classroom. The goal of our program is not to sell tests, but to help professionals master the process of psychometric assessment.

After becoming certified, we recommend participants purchase tests from publishers who meet their requirements and budgets.

British Psychological Society-verified assessors teach courses for students seeking BPS certification.

For Indian Institute of Business Psychology certification, faculty nominated by the IIBP conduct courses.

Our staff are well-known in the field of psychometrics and have been actively involved in research, training and consulting on psychometric tests for decades. Mr. Vijai Pandey is our program lead. In addition, we invite outside experts to train participants on specialty subjects.

The course lasts six weeks. It begins with a week of online learning. Next, participants attend a three-day workshop. Finally, they complete about 30 more days of online coursework.

We developed this program outline based on input from participants who found the online work took about a month to complete. Students may finish the course sooner if they complete all online activities and pass the final assessment. They may also take longer than six weeks, since online access to our materials lasts for one year.

Participants learn to administer and interpret Level 1 and Level 2 assessments in occupational and vocational settings. For details about what tests that allows you to give, please visit the National Academy of Psychologists or the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations.
After the three-day workshop, participants receive a Certificate of Participation and temporary membership in a professional psychometric association. After completing the course, they receive a Certificate of Competence in Psychometric Testing: Level 1 and 2, endorsed by The Psychometric World and the Indian Institute of Business Psychology.
If your certification permits you to administer and interpret Level 1 and Level 2 tests, then you do not need this course. But if you are only certified to give specific tests — for example, the Thomas PPA, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or the EQ Test — you may want to enroll. This course will certify you to administer a much wider variety of tests.
Typically, fees for programs like these range from ₹45,000 to ₹75,000 in India and $1,500 to $4,000 overseas. Since our program is not-for-profit, we can offer some financial aid. If you have a genuine financial difficulty, please contact us at with details of your situation.

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