List of Psychometric Tests and Behavioral Assessments

psychometric-assessmentsWe have developed whole range of assessments to evaluate all the aspects of human talent. The assessments available with us can be categorized into 4 groups. Given below is a brief list of Tests and Assessments in these 4 categories. Our online psychometric assessment platform comes with few tests pre-loaded in the system, all other tests are loaded on request.

Skills and Ability Tests

skills-and-ability-testsWe have developed more than 20 tests to measure cognitive or metal abilities and have partnered with Expert Rating (India`s largest knowledge and skill testing company) to provide knowledge tests and technical skills tests to our clients under one seamlessly integrated assessment platform. All our tests meets the quality criteria prescribed by IIBP for ability assessments and adhere to international guidelines on testing and assessments as prescribed by the International Test Commission. Most of our tests come in alternate versions of CTT (Classical Test Theory) and IRT (Item Response Theory) based test delivery and scoring.

Cognitive / Mental Ability Tests Functional / Technical Knowledge Tests
Corporate IQ Test (2 versions) Sales and Marketing (5 tests)
Thinking Skills Test (2 versions) Finance and Accounting (more than 10 tests)
Verbal Reasoning Test (3 versions) Programming Skills (more than 50 tests)
Numerical Reasoning Test (3 versions) Graphic Design Skills (more than 20 tests)
Abstract Reasoning Test (3 versions) General Management Concepts (5 tests)
Spatial Ability Test (3 versions) Law and Legal Profession Tests (more than 10 tests)
Mechanical Aptitude Test (2 versions) Computer Skills Test (more than 50 tests)
Logical Reasoning Test (2 versions) Industry specific tests (more than 200 tests for more than 10 industries)

Personality Assessments

personality-tests-and-assessmentsOur scientifically developed personality assessment tools are helping our client identify, select, develop and retain the most suitable talent in their organizations. We have a range of personality assessments specially designed for selection and development of human resources within an organization. These tests provide comprehensive and scientific assessment of personality. Our range of personality assessment includes both – trait theory based tests and type theory based tests. A brief list is given below:

  • Big Five Plus Personality Test (BF5+)
  • Personality and Strength Inventory (PSI)
  • Workplace Personality Inventory for Professionals (WPI-Pro)
  • Emotional Quotient Inventory For Professionals (EQiP)
  • Occupational Interest Inventory (OII)
  • Personality Type Inventory for Professionals (PTI-Pro)
  • Managerial Style Inventory (MSI)

Competency Based Assessments

competency-assessmentsWe have 80+ different competency assessment tools divided into 4 categories namely,

  • People management competencies
  • Task management competencies
  • Self management competencies
  • Change management competencies

Our comprehensive competency list is the latest in the market and covers more than 900 job-roles in 50+ industries. You can pick and choose competencies applicable for your company and job profile and we setup the test for you in less than 24 hours.

Contact us to have a conversation about your requirements if this is something you are looking for.

Job role / function based Assessments

job_function_based_assessmentsIn addition to theory based intelligence, ability and personality assessment tools, and competency assessment suits, we have a range of role based or criteria based assessment tools which are specially developed for a certain specific roles. These tests are usually a combination of ability, personality, values and competencies relevant for the defined job role for which the test is created. For example, if you are looking for tests to assess sales people, we have a suit of 4 tests specially designed for that. The tests in this pack are :

  • Sales Aptitude Test (SAT-Pro) – useful to shortlists high potential candidates as the first step of a selection process.
  • Sales Potential and Orientation Test (SPOT) – useful to select entry level professionals.
  • Three dimensional sales profile (SP3D) – in depth assessment of sales professionals in lateral hiring.
  • Sales Competency Survey (SCS) – developmental tool for developing high performing sales people.

In addition to test pack for sales positions, we have also developed test packs for Programmers, Finance Professionals, Scientists, Researchers, Digital Marketing Professionals etc.

Contact us to get specific information pertaining to your assessment needs if you are looking for scientifically validated tests for specific job profiles in your organization.

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