Knowledge and skills tests

The Psychometric World has partnered with Expert Rating, India’s largest knowledge and skill testing company, to administer knowledge and skills tests for our clients using one seamlessly integrated platform. These tests complement more than 20 cognitive ability tests that we developed and routinely administer for clients.

All our tests are accredited by the Indian Institute of Business Psychology. They adhere to international guidelines on testing and assessments as prescribed by the International Test Commission. We use Classical Test Theory (CTT) as well as Item Response Theory (IRT) scoring, depending on the nature and purpose of tests.

In addition to these standardized tests, we can develop custom tests for clients.

Our knowledge and skills tests include:

  • Sales and Marketing (5 tests)
  • Finance and Accounting (more than 10 tests)
  • Programming Skills (more than 50 tests)
  • Graphic Design Skills (more than 20 tests)
  • General Management Concepts (5 tests)
  • Law and Legal Profession Tests (more than 10 tests)
  • Computer Skills Test (more than 50 tests)
  • Industry-specific tests (more than 200 tests for more than 10 industries)

Need a test?

With 800+ knowledge and skills tests, we can offer your organization a suite of assessments that match your needs exactly.

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