Leadership Development

Our Talent Measurement Training gives you the skills to deliver real business benefits through assessment and prove the value to your business. We teach you how to apply personality and ability assessments and provide the skills you need to implement best-practice talent management within your organisation. We ensure you have the necessary skills and toolkit to deliver – and prove – real business benefits.

We set the standard in professional certification: Programmes are delivered by experienced HR practitioners and  many of our courses enable registration for the IIBP Level-1 and 2 certificates in Occupational Testing.

Support for your business, during and after training: Many of our programmes combine e-learning as well as classroom settings, and all can be delivered in-house to help tailor the course more closely to your needs. Our course offerings include:

  • Ability and Personality Assessment Courses
  • Assessor training courses
  • Psychometrics for talent identification
  • Psychometrics for talent development
  • Desiging and running development centers
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