• The largest proportion of an organisation’s expenditure is on its people. But how effective is that talent investment? Do you really know if you’re recruiting or developing the best people? Our analytics service provides you with insights from your people-data which enables to you answer these questions and connect people practices with business outcomes.
    • Assess high-potential individuals more accurately across all levels of your organisation.
    • Leverage benchmarking to identify critical development priorities.
    • Provide structured development activites that target each HIPO’s individual needs and maximise on-the-job learning.
    • Support managers in developing their HIPOs through MyIDP, an easy-to-use cloud-based application.
    • Use metrics to track development progress over time
    • Job analysis and competency modelling
    • Selection system and process design
    • Interview guide design and training
    • Test validation and optimisation
    • Multi-rater/360 programmes
    • Custom/tailored test development

    1. Online Psychometric Testing

    Psychometric Assessment is one of the key areas of activity of LRC. We develop tests to assess intelligence, aptitude, work-values, occupational interest, personality, leadership characteristics and competencies. Our strength is in providing high quality assessments as per the specific client need. As on date we are providing more than 100 tailor-made assessments to our clients.

    We have a modern web application to provide online psychometric assessment. Click here to open a Free Online Psychometric Test Administration account for your organization.

    2. Training and Certification on Psychometric Testing

    We not only provide high quality psychometric tests, we also provide training coaching and assistance in using the tests in most scientific way. Our training programmes on psychometrics are as per the model curriculum of National Academy of Psychology and we adhere to professional standards of training and certification.

    Contact us to check availability and pricing structure.

    3. Competency Mapping and Assessment Centers

    We undertake end to end assignments of identifying the key competencies of the organization, develop competency maps, conduct assessment centers using ‘multi-trait-multi-method’ approach and help HR people of the organization to develop competency based selection system, competency based performance management system, competency based appraisals and career develop systems.

    Contact us now to discuss your needs and get a customized proposal.

    4. Customized Psychometric Test Development

    In addition to providing standardized psychometric tests, we also develop different types of tests for our clients suitable to their unique demand. These tests range from simple 10 question quiz to robust 200 question multidimensional assessment. Contact us today to discuss your customized test development requirement with us. All the tests are delivered through a fast and secure online system which sets you free from the hassles of scoring and tabulating the results, also you can get detailed individual and group reports generated instantly.

    Contact us now to discuss your needs and get a free quote today.

    5. Feedback, Coaching and Counseling on Psychometric Tests

    In addition to the narrative test reports written in easy-to-understand, plain language, TPW offers debriefing and coaching sessions via phone, gtalk, skype or through in-house workshops targeted at deeper understanding of various psychometric tools like WPI-Pro, MBTI, FIRO-B, 16PF, TKI, CPI etc. These coaching sessions / workshops are organized by qualified practitioners who have extensive experience of applying these tools in organizational settings.

    Our highly trained psychologists will discuss each individual’s test results with them, enhance the insight by making connections with their real-life experiences, and make suggestions for further development.

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    6. Psychometric Test Hosting / Assessment Platform Rental

    Got your own tests in paper-pencil format? Contact us to convert them into fast and secure online format. Our robust web-application can host any kind of assessment and there are a number of options available to convert any traditional test into an online test..

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    7. HR Capacity Building

    We not only provide high quality products and services to manage the talent but we equally help the organizations in building HR competence required to manage high talented staff. Our HR Mentorship program helps HR and Line Managers develop impeccable people management skills and enables them to create a high performance organizational culture.

    Contact us now to have a personalized discussion and get us to send you a proposal.

    8. Executive Coaching

    We provide executive coaching for middle and top management level executives to maximize their effectiveness and create a high performing work culture in their organization. Our executive coaching model is based on positive psychology concepts and focuses on leveraging the strengths and bridging the gaps rather than managing around weaknesses.

    Contact us now to have a personalized discussion with one of our qualified coaches.

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