Thinking Skills Test

Thinking skills test (TST) is a powerful tool to measure both left bran and right brain functioning, which form the basis of superior performance.

TST evaluates thinking and reasoning capacity of the candidate with reference to 4 distinct type of thinking skills viz. Logical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking and Strategic Thinking. This test also provides assessment of candidate`s Analytical Thinking and Systems Thinking abilities.


What it measures?

Thinking skills test measures four core thinking skills:

1.Logical Thinking

2.Critical Thinking

3.Creative Thinking

4.Strategic Thinking

and two composite thinking competencies

1.Analytical Thinking

2.Systems Thinking

What it can be useful in?

TST is a powerful test to measure cognitive abilities linked to left brain and right brain functioning which form the basis of superior performance in studies and in work. This test is useful for organizations, business schools, professional colleges and scientific institutes.

Organizations — selection and training for graduate hires.

Professional colleges — selection and training of students.

Trainers, coaches and consultants — as pre and post assessment tool.


Features and benefits

TST is designed to measure thinking skills which are crucial for success in studies and at work. A person`s unique talent is shaped by a combination of two or more thinking skills . TST provides a reliable assessment on how competent the candidate is likely to be in the following tasks:

  • understanding the logical connections between ideas.
  • identify, construct and evaluate arguments.
  • deciding on funding levels for a re-search project.
  • establish future strategies for the firm.
  • detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning.

Accurate assessment of thinking skills using TST enables the teachers, trainers, and coaches to design specific developmental intervention to increase the level of thinking skills in the desired area and get the superior performance delivered.

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