Three Dimensional Sales Profile (SP3D)

Three Dimensional Sales Profile (SP3D) is a comprehensive Psychometric Test for sales people. This test is specially useful in recruiting and training high potential sales people. This sales test provides assessment on 3 major cognitive and personality aspects of sales people:

1. Sales Ability : cognitive component including sales aptitude, numerical ability, reasoning and reading others’ emotions.
2. Sales Personality: Behavioural component including 10 most relevant personality traits for higher sales performance.
3. Values: Deep routed preferences which determine fitment with a particular sales role.

Hence, this one sales test has power of 3 tests. Consequently, it provides a very comprehensive assessment of sales people.

Sales Test - SP3D comprehensive Psychometric Test for Sales People

Our clients are using this test for lateral hiring of fresher and experienced sales people alike. This test is specially designed for those who are expected to take part in the sales activities from prospecting to closing.

What all this sales test, SP3D, measures?

SP3D measures 4 cognitive ability factors, 10 personality traits and 6 values.

Cognitive Ability Personality Values
Sales Acumen
Recognising Emotions
Reasoning Ability
Ease with numbers
Emotional Resilience
Achievement Drive
Monetary Rewards

Quick facts about SP3D Sales Test

No of questions: 74
Approximate time required: 20-25 minutes
Question Format: Multiple formats
Mode of Administration: Online (on any device with internet connection and a web browser)

Psychometric Properties:
Reliability coefficient alpha: from 0.70 to 0.89 (for different factors)
Test Retest reliability: from 0.85 to 0.92 (for different factors)
Predictive Validity: from 0.35 to 0.55 (in different validity studies)

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