Psychometric Certification in Hyderabad

IIBP Accredited

We are conducting this IIBP accredited certification programme in Hyderabad since 2011. The programme has been attended by mid to senior level HR professionals, HR Consultants, Trainers and Counsellors in the past. To book your spot for the upcoming workshops in Hyderabad, click on the ‘Register here’ button which will open a form to complete the booking.

Psychometric Certification (Level-1 & 2) in Hyderabad
Starts On:
Thu 02. November 2017
9:00 am
Ends On:
Sat 04. November 2017
5:00 pm
Event Information

Model Program Schedule of 3-day workshop (09.00 am-5.00 pm)

Pre–course(01-week):     Introductory reading, revision of basic algebra, pre-course assignments.

Day 1 :           Introduction to testing(Basic theory, scaling, test construction, item analysis, types of tests, properties of tests, selecting tests, standardization, prediction, test administration and scoring and basic statistics). Practical exercises.

Day 2 :           Practical ability and Aptitude Testing. Uses of test scores Professional and ethical issues in testing (Test bias, Methods for ensuring test fairness, Confidentiality, equal opportunities) Assessment of underlying knowledge. Personality Theories and Tests Practical’s ( focussing on tests like WPI, personality type, FIRO-B, EQiM )

Day 3:           Interpretation and report writing. Decision making using test scores in occupational and organisational settings. Developing and implementing policies and procedures on testing. Post assessment feedback and counselling . Overview of the principles and practice of feedback. Practice sessions.

Follow up(04-weeks):     Work based assignments and case-study presentations by participants.  The follow-up will be via online learning system.

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