Item analysis tool in excel

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If you write or review or validate multiple choice single answer questions a.k.a MCQs. This tool is going to be very helpful to you. Our team has created this tool to conduct quick and easy item-analysis of MCQs. All you need to do is to copy-paste the response dataset from your test and it will show you the following statistics:

  1. Item difficulty
  2. Item discrimination
  3. Item-characteristics curve (useful to identify bad items and options)
  4. Item-characteristic table
  5. Alpha reliability of the test
  6. Descriptive statistics on the test

Here is a screen shot of the tool in action:

We have decided to give this tool for free to all our well wishers as a return gift. (Similar tool in market costs 200 to 400 USD per year). You get this tool absolutely free – no payment ever. It is an excel 2011 file (.xlsx). The file size is 39MB. Please fill the form below to get the download link sent to you email.


Item analysis utility in excel

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