FAQs on Psychometric Tests and Assessments

  • What are psychometric tests?

    Psychometric tests are questionnaires/tasks developed by qualified professionals using psychometric principles to measure cognitive/behavioral/affective characteristics of people. Psychometric tests are developed by following rigorous test development process prescribed by professional and governing bodies and these tests aim at assessing aptitude, interest, personality, motivation, values and abilities (reasoning ability, numerical ability, verbal ability, mechanical ability, problem solving etc.) of people. A test can be called a ‘psychometric test’ only if it is proven to have three essential psychometric quality: reliability , validity and norm.

  • Why should an organization use psychometric tests?

    Psychometric tests have been proved to reduce hiring mistakes, increase employee productivity and moral, curb attrition rate and bring in greater level of awareness and understanding in the organization. Many studies have been published in leading journals over the last several decades examining effect and estimated ROI on psychometric testing in the organizations. Please use our different ROI (return on investment) calculators available under ‘utilities’ section to calculate expected value of psychometric assessments in your organization.

  • What are the benefits of psychometric testing for the organization?

    Our clients have been benefitted in the following areas due to psychometric testing:

    1. Reduced time (hours) spent per hire.

    2. Increase in quality of hire.

    3. Better job fit – employees are not only technically suitable but also psychologically inclined to do the job.

    4. Reduced employee trunover (some of our clients have reported upto 50% reduction in employee turnover).

    5. Better HR decisions (Training, Promotion, Career Planning).

    6. Overall image building for the organization.

  • What are the characteristics that can be studied / evaluated by psychometric tests?

    Any characteristic that is ‘psychological’ in nature can be best studied / evaluated by using psychometric assessments. Usually organizations use psychometric assessments to know about the following:

    1. What level of intellectual and social development does the candidate posses?

    2. Is the candidate capable of applying reasoning and logic to complex situations/scenarios?

    3. Is the candidate inclined to deal with the problems creatively?

    4. How effective is the candidate likely to be while working in a team?

    5. Does the candidate have the capacity to motivate and lead others?

    6. What does the candidate value in his/her life and what keeps him/her motivated?

    7. How resilient is the candidate likely to be in face of stressful situations?

    8. What is the work style of the candidate with regard to people, task and change?

    9. Is the candidate psychologically ready and mature to be promoted to the next level?

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