Given below are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our psychometric certification program which might have your queries or doubts answered. If you have a question which is not listed here, we will be glad to hear from you. Contact us.

What this Psychometric Certification Program is all about?

Psychometric Certification Program is a unique training and certification course designed to create a cadre of Psychometric Testing Professionals who want to learn the subtle nuances of psychometric assessment and use it in their personal and professional lives. This program has been designed keeping in mind the practical need of working professionals and is a rare combination of ONLINE and WORKSHOP BASED training methods to impart and enforce learning.

Who can benefit from this course?

Anybody working with adult population in occupational settings and involved in (or likely to be involved in) administering psychological assessments (aka psychometric tests) can benefit from this program. The program is especially useful for HR Personnel, Career Counsellors, Coaches and Mentors.

What is the course curriculum?

The program follows the model course curriculum as prescribed by NAOP (National Academy of Psychology, India. download here) and EFPA (European Federation of Psychological Associations, download here ).

What are the kind of tests taken up in this certification program?

This certification program is not about any specific tests but about what goes on behind such psychological tests. We do not promote or prescribe any specific test but we help you with learning and understanding how testing works in terms of assessing intelligence, aptitude, personality, preference, values, motivations and many other human characteristics; Once you have an understanding, you will be ready to administer and interpret ANY test designed to measure human characteristics. We use some tests such as IQ Tests, EQ Tests, Workplace Personality Inventory, Leadership Style Test, Personality Type Inventory etc. shown as few practical examples, but the objective of the program is to create and reinforce UNDERSTANDING about the science of psychometrics than training you for specific tests.

Will I receive the questionnaire and scoring keys of the tests used in the program?

NO. We do not provide questionnaires and scoring keys. The objective of this program is not to sell tests or provide tests for free but to impart learning about the scientific process of psychometric assessment. We do provide you with a few practice tests and scoring keys but they are to be used for learning purposes only and not for real-life test administration and interpretation.

How can I practice what I learn in the program?

We provide you concessional / free access to our professional psychometric assessment tools (online) which you can use to for the given assignments and activities required to complete the online course. We also provide all the learning resources and material to help you achieve the required level of competence. Once you have achieved the required level of competence, we advise you to purchase the tests from any good psychometric test publisher fitting your requirement and budget.

Who are the faculties / resource persons of the program?

The program is conducted by faculties / resourse persons who initiated first standard based psychometric certification program in India in association with NAOP. Our resource persons are well known in the field of Psychometrics and have been actively involved in research, training and consulting on psychometric assessments for decades. The core faculty of the program is Mr. Vijai Pandey (linkedin profile). In addition to this we invite several experts to train participants on the specific subjects/topics in the program.

What is the duration of the course?

The course duration is six weeks (07 days online learning + 03 days workshop + 30 days online learning). This unique program outline for the course was developed by us after conducting many such programs and input received from the participants about the best possibe program outline. Though the program duration is 06 weeks, the participants are allowed to complete the course before 06 weeks by completing all the online activities and taking the final assessment. Participants may also complete the course in more than 06 weeks in case of any practical difficulty in completing within 06 weeks. We provide online access up to 12 months from the ‘start date’ of the program.

What will I learn in the program?

You will learn to administer and interpret Level-1 and Level-2 assessments in occupational and vocational settings. Every test publisher specifies the qualification level (level-1,2 or 3) required for administering its tests. For details of level-1 and level-2 qualification. Please visit NAOP (http://www.naopindia.org/) or EFPA (http://www.efpa.eu/) website.

What will my certificate say?

Upon enrolling into the course and attending the 03 day workshop, you will get “Certificate of Participation” and a temporary membership into an exclusive group of qualified psychometric professionals. Upon completing the course and qualifying the final assessment, you will receive a “Certificate of Competence in Psychometric Testing Level-1 & 2” endorsed by ThePsychometricWorld and IIBP (Indian Institute of Business Psychology).

What are the benefits of completing the certification?

The biggest benefit of completing the certification program is the skill and expertise that you will gain in administering and interpreting the psychometric tests. You will also get a Certificate of Competence. In addition, you will be granted a regular membership into a group of qualified psychometric testing professionals with your name included in the registry for qualified psychometric testing professionals. Joining this group will connect you to the larger community of qualified people and accelarate further learning and professional development.

I am already certified from another agency, what value add will I get from this course?

If your certification permits you to administer and interpret Level-1 and Level-2 assessments then you do not need this certification, but if your certification is about some specific tests (like Thomas PPA, MBTI, EQ etc.), you might like to enrol and complete this certification to increase the breadth of your qualification and gain additional qualification as per international standards.

The course fee is too high for me. Can I get a discount?

The usual fees for this kind of a program ranges between  INR45000/- and INR75000/- in India and USD1500 to USD4000/- overseas. Since the program is not-for-profit in nature, we offer some financial aid to those who are committed to learning psychometrics but can not do it due to financial problems. If you have any genuine financial difficulty, please contact us (via e-mail: helpdesk@thepsychometricworld.com) with details of your objective and financial hurdles and we will get back to you with what we can do for you.

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