How to train observers for Assessment Center in less than 8 hrs?

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This post is a sequel to my last post on “3 Things to Focus On for a Successful Assessment Center” in which I promised my friend Yunus (who commented on the article) to write another post on training observers in short time. So, here it is. Running a successful Assessment Center requires rigorous training of observers. Training observers is the second most important task after cross validation of competency model. Reliability and predictive validity of assessment centre activities are very much influenced by the amount of inter-observer variance which is directly proportional to the number of hours put in observers` …

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A non-mathematical introduction to IRT

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This article aims to present a non-mathematical introduction to the Item Response Theory (IRT) for the test users. IRT is a buzzword in the domain of Psychometric Testing as it has transformed the way tests are developed and administered. There are hundreds of articles written in both – praise and criticism of this theory. Like all other theories, it is not perfect but very useful for certain purposes. So, what exactly is IRT? IRT is a theory of modelling (representing) candidate`s response in a way that allows us to look at each response in isolation rather than looking at all …

Psychometric Tests For Talent Acquisition

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Psychometric Assessments used for hiring and selection of talent are fundamentally different from those used for developmetal purposes like coaching, counselling, behavioural feedback etc. Top 3 factors to differentiate a ‘selection oriented psychometric test’ from a ‘development oriented psychometric test’ are: We, at ThePsychometricWorld, have developed robust and practical psychometric assessment tools that are specially designed for hiring and selection. These tools comply with strict international standards about faireness and equal opportunity. A abbreviated list of our psychometric assessments for development is given here.

How to measure the ROI of Psychometric Tests?

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This article aims at presenting a scheme of evaluation of ROI in occupational testing and assessments. The purpose of psychometric testing in occupational settings is to measure job-related traits/characteristics of applicants to assess their suitability for role/organisation and to help predict their future performance. Assuming that one is using tests that are reliable (i.e. consistent in measuring) and valid (i.e. are measuring what they claim to measure), here is a general process flow of calculating the return on investment (ROI), as one would normally do for any major business initiative.