Benefits of selecting the psychometric world as your assessment provider

You have the full control

  • Our assessment system is available, online, 24 x 7
  • Accessible across all devices- PCs, Tablets and Smartphones
  • No charge for account setup, you pay only for report and services
  • Test administration, report generation is just one click away

Variety of tests and assessments

  • More than 1000 tests to assess knowledge and skills
  • More than 10 tests to assess cognitive abilities
  • More than 12 tests to assess personality, preferences and values
  • More than 80 tests to assess competencies
  • Bespoke (custom made) tests for specific requirements

Help and support

  • 24×7 technical and psychometric help and support available
  • Video tutorials to give familiarity with testing systems and tests
  • Personalised support available for specific projects

Reports and feedback

  • Instant report generation
  • Detailed feedback on test results
  • PDF report downloads for print and storage
  • Easy to understand, jargon-free language in reports
  • Qualified psychologist available to help you with advanced interpretation (if needed)

Candidate experience

  • No registration required for the candidate
  • Tests can be taken in multiple sessions (if allowed by test administrator)
  • Tests can be taken on any device – PC, Tablet, Smartphone
  • No installation or setup needed on candidate side, it just works

Psychometric properties

  • Each test goes through rigorous development and validation process before being launched in the market
  • Each test qualifies international criteria of quality set for its kind
  • Regular review and updation
  • Third party review and accreditation, peer review (where applicable) for most tests

Best in class products and services

at the most competitive price delivered by qualified psychologists

What makes us class apart is our willingness to think from customers perspectives and work WITH them to reap the best benefits from latest developments in business psychology.

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